Monday, July 26, 2010

Play Ball

Justin and Tara are expecting their first bouncing baby boy in October. Justin is the Assistant Coach for the Texas A&M Baseball team, hence the cool access to Olsen Field. I love getting to take shots in places that are significant to the people in the pictures, plus this was a great backdrop resulting in some pretty sweet shots. I love the shot with the grandstands in the background. It's my favorite. Tara was the cutest little thing. She not only had a cute baby bump, but it was tan too! This couple was so sweet on each other and I loved getting to catch them in action having fun and snuggling together. The lighting was beautiful and warm at sunset. I loved doing this shoot. Thanks Tara and Justin!!


  1. Tara looks beautiful, and Justin is so handsome! They will be awesome parents of Baby Slade!!!

    Alexis & Aunt Mary Beth

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