Friday, October 19, 2012

The Youngs

Wow, I can't believe how much theses girls have grown up in the past 3 years of me taking their pictures! Just look at Grace, she's a little lady now and I love her toothless grin! I know what she wants for Chrithmuth. Reagan is such a spunky thing like my Cayle. Its funny how our girls have very similar personalities...must be a birth order thing. Such a beautiful family!

The Brittains

Trying to coordinate outfits for 7 family members is a challenge, but Amanda did great!  Baby girl had a double ear infection and swollen tonsils with a 103 degree fever the day before, but she hung in there with us and we still got some great family and individual shots. The twins are on the GO these days but they still love being held by Mommy and Daddy, so it was difficult to get a good "kids only shot".  I'm so excited for these sweet babies who get to make Mommy and Daddy officially theirs next month!! :)