Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Evan and Kristin's E-session

OH, how I loved this session!!! Evan and Kristin were so great to work with and so cute and in love. My cows were extremely curious about what we were doing in their pasture. We got some good and humorous pictures thanks to them. Thanks Evan for going with the flow and indulging me the John Deere shots. :) Hope you love them!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Megan's Bridals

We had a great time shooting Megan's bridals despite the plague of gnats toward dusk. You can actually see them lit up in a few of the shots in the orchard which made the pictures even more beautiful! I can't wait to share their beautiful wedding at Astin Mansion!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tanner and Tayden are 2!

I've found that twin toddlers are the most challenging shoots I EVER do. They always have different personalities and typically go in two different directions...literally. I think I'm still recovering from this shoot...Taking pictures of not only 2-2 yr old boy twins, but 3-2yr olds (Cousin James is 2 1/2) plus a few more cousins that flew in as a surprise for the boys' birthday party is a wild event! Here's my train of thought..."Ok, let's get a group shot first while everyone is happy. Wait, he's crying now. Let's try the balloons. Bring out the balloons to make them smile. Not working, they just want to hold the balloons. Get the balloons back out of site. Try the truck. Only one kid can drive and the other isn't happy. Let's try peek-a-boo! He wants to look out the OTHER window. OK, he's crying again, hmmm, his face is red, I'll give him time to return to normal color, let's try this kid. Put them in the back of the truck. Oh, he wants down. Let's go on a walk. He doesn't want to walk. Let's try another kid" ...and on and on. I had no idea what I was able to get on camera. I just kept running around and shooting like a mad woman so I'm glad we got some great candids out of it! Enjoy. Oh, and isn't this the COOLEST old Chevy?! A blue rusty one just like it is on my photo prop wish list.

Cousin James with the boys


Love those bright eyes of James

Golfing with the Coopers

I had a great time getting out on the golf course at the beautiful Traditions with the Coopers. It was a nice, cool cloudy morning so we didn't have to fight the sunlight. Cate was her usual playful self and it was fun seeing her so focused on her putting skills. Daddy's doing a good job training her. :)  Can't wait to meet baby Claire!  Brandi and my due dates are just 3 days apart (I think my belly is twice as big though!).

See the focus in her eyes as she lines out her shots... :)

Cate giving Mommy instructions

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jenny's Bridals

I'm SO excited to finally get to share these beautiful images of Jenny now!! I LOVED this photo shoot! Jenny was a natural and made my job easy. Congratulations to she and images coming soon!

Jenny's cutie patootie French Bulldog, Dexter!