Tuesday, January 29, 2013

David + Victoria E-session

Oooh, la la. I absolutely love how the native grass in the pasture lit up like sparklers when the sun hit them this late Saturday afternoon. David and Victoria drove a couple hours to get to me and David, being the typical groom, was not too excited about getting his picture taken. Most grooms when they realize they get to kiss a bunch on their bride decide it's not so bad after all. I think the shots we got were definitely worth the trip, I love them! And I can't wait for their winery wedding in April. Victoria's beautiful curly locks and deep brown eyes are sure to bring stunning bridal shots! Stay tuned.

The Shaw Family

Quinton + Laramie E-session

Quinton's dad collects antique cars including the gorgeous Studebaker and Ford Fairlane that we used during the shoot. I love the contrast of the arctic blue car against Laramie's fire engine red high heels. Is it just me or is there something about an old car that makes you feel you should be sitting at a Drive-in movie snugglin' with your man? Those were the good old days...I hear.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Little Valentine

Little Tyler is 6 month old already! She really livened up this shoot and we got some super cute expressions from her. Bethanne brought the red polka-dot umbrella (I'm SO glad she did since the weather was yucky and drizzly) and heart chalkboard garland. It was so cute I may have to make one myself...in all my spare time. ;)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brown-Eyed Cutie Pie

We barely made it through the shoot before it started raining, but before the sky let loose, we got some precious shots. Little Kyleigh in her Matilda Jane top and those big brown eyes and precious pig tails were to die for...chipped tooth and all. Matter of fact it sprinkled off and on during the shoot, but I prayed I'd finish shooting before God let it rain and he was faithful to answer.

So many moms have a hard time putting together outfits for the family (Me included!!). It's the hardest thing about a family shoot but also one of the most important. Lauren did a GREAT job choosing clothing! She gets an A+! Color, patterns, layers and texture and it all went together without being matchy. You can never go wrong with Matilda Jane.