Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kaitlyn's Senior Pics

It feels like ages since my last post! I've been trying to get all my shoots edited and cranked out so families can get their Christmas cards out before New Year's. I think I'm going for a Valentine's Day mail-out or maybe even Easter...it depends on how long it takes to finish building our house. That alone has been another full time job which has sucked up the few remaining seconds I had left in my already full day. But we are SO blessed to be able to finally build so I'm THRILLED! I'll post some pics for you when we are done and I'll try to take some time to post pics from my last several shoots that haven't made it to the blog yet. Hang in there with me.

This is Kaitlyn. She lives in Louisiana and will be attending LSU next Fall and then hopefully onto Vet school. She brought both her dogs all the way from LA... That's love. My husband and I traveled over 20hrs. one way with our two Basset Hound puppies (which farted the whole way in my little Corolla) to North Carolina. Ya, I won't do that again.