Saturday, April 20, 2013

Quinton and Laramie's Wedding

This wedding inspired me to hunt down "Juliet", the blush colored David Austin garden rose used in Laramie's bouquet and on the bride's cake, for my rose garden at home. They were just stunning and flawless! Unfortunately, everyone else thinks so too so they are out of stock everywhere until next year. The desert bar and table centerpieces were beautiful details to compliment a beautiful day for Quinton and Laramie. The rain held off and we ended up with perfect weather. Congratulations you two!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Kevin + Hayley E-Session

We went out to the Old Baylor campus in Independence, TX for Kevin and Hayley's engagement session. Their dog, Remington (aka "Remmie"), was ecstatic to be let loose in the pasture! Just look at that face...doesn't he look so fun? I can't wait for Kevin and Hayley's wedding at Brennan's in Downtown Houston in the fall. It's a beautiful venue!

Kristin's Seniors

Congratulations Kristin for graduating from the best University in the nation. Whoop! Kristin is a Huntseat rider for the Texas A&M Equestrian team so I've gotten to "shoot" her for 3 years now. :) It was a given that we had to throw in some horses for her senior pics and her man came with her on session so we got some cute couple shots too. The wind rocked her hair in this shoot! We had to take cover behind trees and around my barn because it was so strong. I'm getting a lot better at shooting in the wind since our weather in Texas continues to bring 20-30 mph winds routinely!

This is my bay roan, Boulder. He did so great posing for us. It helps that he's nosy and wants to be in the pictures. I can't decide if I like the BW or color shot??

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ash + Britney

What a beautiful and super sweet couple! It was the first time that one of my couples had gotten their names placed on the Queen's billboard in Downtown Bryan. How fun is that!!?? I'm so excited to be working with them and I can't wait for Britney's bridals and their fabulous wedding at Olde Dobbin Station!