Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, AJ !!

Ava's 9 month session

Every 3 months I look forward to my session with Ava. She has such a sweet disposition and I love those blue eyes! Mom and Dad are always right behind me talking to her and making faces and it makes for fun sessions. The past several sessions I've had my washtub out cause it's so blasted hot here in Texas that the cool water has been a pleasure for the kids. Even shooting at 8:00am we are sweating bullets...not to mention I'm 9 months pregnant now. Sure would be nice if I had a pool for the parents and me to jump in after the shoot...course no one wants to see me in a swim suit right now. :)

Daisy came on shoot this time and I thought this shot was so funny. I just need a good caption for a greeting card.  Any ideas?

Ethan's Newborns

Introducing Mr. Ethan to the the world. He did great for us on his shoot. Just a little snacky at first but after an extra good feeding he settled down and conked out and we were able to get some super sweet shots. His parents already have his Bible engraved with his name...a great start to life. Mom and Dad are already doing a great job raising this little man and I'm sure the Lord has wonderful things in store for this sweet family. It was a joy. Thanks!


Friday, June 22, 2012


Oh my! How cute is she!!??!  Nathalee is such a doll and has a sweet personality to match her adorableness. She must take after her mama and grandma! :)  Thanks for the privilege of loving on your little girl!

Love the belly...

...and the poochy lip...

...and those EYELASHES...

Hahaha!  Love this face!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kylie Rose

I love all this hair!! She was so alert and a little wiggle worm when we started indoors but by the time we went outside she had worn herself down and the warm summer air kept her nice and cozy so we could get some good sleepy shots. And I'm so glad we still had some pretty Black-eyed Susan's to add a pop of color. Congratulations L&C; she's precious!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My New Nephew, Dalton

Meet my beautiful new nephew, Dalton. We got a chance to go up and visit family and see him for the first time last week. I LOVED getting to love on a little boy! We have 6 little girls in the family and now a nephew followed 3 months later by MY new baby boy, Keslee. The boy cousins will have so much fun getting dirty together! I can just picture Christmas now with both of them yanking ornaments off the tree and eating wrapping paper. Getting to snuggle with a little boy was so much fun and made me itch to hold my own in 6 weeks. :)

Big sister, Kirstan, with her new baby brother.

So funny how he hid himself! He's modest. That won't last long, I'm sure, ...he'll be running around naked in no time!