Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jeremy and Jackie's Wedding

Congratulations Jeremy and Jackie! They have the cutest love story about how they met and it was truly "love at first sight." Just over a year later, here they are tying the knot. The ceremony started at Christ United Methodist in College Station and the reception was held at the Brazos County Expo Ballroom. It has been an honor and a lot of fun getting to work with them over the past several months!

This beautiful courtyard was built as a memorial for Jackie's late father.  There were so many times throughout the evening I found a catch in my throat but it was wonderful to see beauty through the ashes.

They didn't mind having an audience for their "First Look" so the Wedding party was looking on from the windows.

Bless this Mom for sewing on buttons at the last minute.

The ringbearer carried the rings tied on to a baseball glove.  So cute and clever!

Jeremy is a trainer and Jackie a gymnast so these foam dumbbells were the cutest party favor!  They made great microphones later too.

I loved the personal touches on the cakes!

Guys watching bowl games. 

Slade and AJ working out. :)

Jackie's parents were hiding in the limo. :)