Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sorrell-Hill Wedding

Bless her heart, poor Starla had the flu the week of her wedding. She was just starting to get her strength back on Saturday, but she still looked beautiful. The church had gorgeous stained glass windows and her flowers were my favorite. Blue hydrangeas. I'm planting them all around my new house in the next month...I just hope they like me (and my dirt) as much as I like them.

The reception location was an old warehouse converted to a meeting/reception location. The brick walls and wooden beams were great texture to photograph along with her beautiful cakes and little details like the moss covered door initials. The bride's sister and Matron of Honor, Shelby, was responsible for a lot of the details and her touches made everything beautiful.

I've never seen a groom as nervous as Kipp. I thought he might pass out before he got to the front of the church, but when those big white doors opened up, his face lit up. All the nerves were gone and he was a happy man.

I wish the two of you all the best! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kipp Hill.

Starla's Bridals

Last fall was the worst case of sticker burrs I can ever remember. I was constantly warning clients to watch where they stepped and I had clients with them all up their pant legs from walking in the tall grass. We were keeping a close eye on them so Starla wouldn't get any in her beautiful lace gown. One misstep out of the car and we spent 10 minutes, at least, picking stickers out of her delicate lace train. We had to break out some tweezers the things were so stubborn (and painful I might add). But it was all worth it. We got some great shots on during this shoot. It was crazy windy, but we found shelter around some old structures. The old building where she is standing in the doorway used to be a church long, long ago. It's located over by where I live and my husband told me about it one day. It has a quaint little cemetery next to it. I love places with so much history. And I love these shots...

I love this one below

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cayle's Three

My baby, Cayle, just turned 3 last week!! I can't believe she's so big now. She is quite the character. She doesn't have a temper like most people assume redheads do, but she is a HAM. She keeps me VERY busy keeping her out of trouble but her cute disposition and baby voice soften the irritation that comes with her destructive tendencies. If there is a piece of paper on the floor, you can bet she will shred it into smaller pieces; if there is a toy on the floor, she will purposely step on it and try to break it. I don't really understand that...I'm just praying God will transform her destruction into something productive or constructive. Maybe her three year old year will bring more constructive behavior...hopefully. She loves to snuggle and she's just so soft that I can't help but bury my face in her neck and nuzzle her at bedtime. It's so hard to leave her when she keeps asking, "Mommy gif me en Esmo kiss, Budderfy kiss, bear kiss, tiger kiss, bird kiss........" She keeps us laughing and she knows she is a hoot.

My precious Kylan grows more beautiful every year and she has such a sweet heart in her (when she's not picking on her sister). She will be FIVE in June so I'll post some birthday pics of her this summer. She used to be so hard to take pics of, but now she is quite the model. I don't have to tell her how to move or where to pose, she just does it on her own! It's great and it helps that she is very photogenic. I think between my beautiful blonde and red head, I have a photographers dream. :) I love my girls to pieces. I hope you enjoy the shoot...