Monday, December 31, 2012

The Osbornes

Visibility was about 50 yds, humidity was 100%, the grass was soaked and the kids had grass and dirt stuck like glue on them 2 seconds after leaving the car. I told Peggy, "hose your hair down with hairspray before you leave." I'm so glad Chris followed instructions. All his hair stayed perfectly in place! ;) And the girls' hair did too shockingly! I'd look like I stuck my finger in a light socket.

Conditions aren't always perfect when shooting, but when you have such GREAT people to work with it makes it all good. Chris was his usual self- cracking jokes and keeping everyone entertained. The twins wanted to wrestle in the drenched grass...Karis took Drew down!  It was a fun and delightful morning and just a little exhausting trying to get 3 kids under 3 to smile at the same time in the same location. I love this family as many of you do too and as always, Thank You for trusting me with your loved ones and your memories!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tayler's Seniors

What a great shoot to end the season! Tayler was a natural and she and her mom have GREAT taste in clothes too! I was drueling over the sheepskin vest and wish I could have snagged it from her.  Tayler is graduating this year from Brazos Christian.  She is also very talented and made the super cool bracelet she is wearing with the blue top. She does custom orders {wink, wink}. 

More Mini's

Does this look like a Hannah Anderson ad or what?! Beautiful children and I LOVED the pj shots.

Mr. Parker was a cutie-doodie!! He's only 6 month old but he's a BIG BOY! Might be a steer wrestler. Watch for him in 18 yrs at the NFR (That's National Finals Rodeo for you city folk).

Miss Morgan was deathly afraid of the camera...well, maybe just not a fan, so I hid behind some trees and got some fun shots of her getting snuggles. She loosened up at the end and got some playful shots of her running in circles. Too funny!

Keslee's First Christmas

My precious baby boy, Keslee. What a fun first Christmas we will have. We are so blessed!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fun in the Fall

LOVE, LOVE this precious family and my dear friends. And I love to see how God has blessed them and brought them great joy through these precious boys. I was really hoping the Zach would come out of his shell. He was so quiet and reserved when we started. Well, as you can tell, he livened up to his normal self. :) And I loved those big brown eyes on little man. What a cutie! And middle man was all smiles the whole time. Throw in some leaves and it's a party! It's a good thing Mama has hard floors cause if she had carpet, there would be paths worn down to the glue. Gotta love busy boys. :)

The White Family

What a gorgeous family in and out! You'd have thought I hired models. And just look at the moves that little Berkley put on! She's a natural model and ham. :)