Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Wall Family

We had gorgeous conditions for this shoot!  Lighting, wind, and temperature were perfect and the horses even showed up for the first shot.  Such a beautiful family!

Reed 6 months

Absolutely precious boy!! I'm so glad I get to see him every 3 months! He melts my heart.

The Dent Family

This shoot was so much fun and surprisingly smooth! I was prepared for chaotic disaster with dogs flying everywhere and squeaky toys all over the place but the dogs did great! They liked my dog lingo, I guess, and perked their ears every time I whined at them. This is the second shoot I've gotten to do with Dexter, the cute Frenchie.  Jenny brought him to her bridal shoot a couple years back when he was a puppy.  He's a big boy now, but still so cute with those big ears!

I love his little tooth sticking out...

What pretty girls!!

The Essler Family

As soon as Jimmy got out of the truck he ran over and gave me the BIGGEST hug ever! Maybe he's just a lover or maybe he actually remembers me. I'd like to think it's both, but either way I was the happy recipient of a LOT of hugs this morning from this sweet boy! As we were nearing the end of the shoot, Jimmy decides he doesn't want to wear clothes. So he took his shirt off. He tried to take his pants off too but we convinced him that he'd get cold. Then he showed us his belly button. I love this kid!

Here he comes for more hugs!!

Check out these guns.

Oh, there's "bebo"!

So handsome!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Osborne Family

A HUGE "Thank You" to The Vaughan's for allowing us to use their gorgeous land and green! Also a big Thank You to these parents for raising such sweet, wonderful children!

I LOVE this picture!  They look like a Ralph Lauren ad.  :)

Charis giving kisses.

What a cutie!!

And here are several fun candid shots of the kids playing.  They were too cute not to share!

After each hole, Wes would take his hat off and say "Good Shot!"

This is priceless!  One of my favorites!

Wes was so funny.  He was mimicking me hanging upside down taking pictures.  I guess that's what I look like.

This is what Pops (Chris) must do when he misses a shot.  :)

I love Drew's face here! And you can see the grass on Wes' sweater from rolling in the grass.