Thursday, September 26, 2013

Party at My Crib !

My favorite part of the day is coming in to wake up Keslee. He starts hooting like an owl up in his loft roost to let me know he's up and ready for me to come get him. Normally when I open the door, he jumps and runs around his crib with excitement and hoots some more. And then he falls down and lays really still like he's playing possum. Today I wanted to catch that moment on camera, but he was a little more somber with his head cold. But his sisters decided to join in on the party and have a little ticklefest in the crib.

He's trying to make animal noises like the pull and spin animal toy that Cayle is playing with.

Hey, where'd you come from?

And now where'd YOU come from?

Love those baby blues!

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