Monday, December 31, 2012

The Osbornes

Visibility was about 50 yds, humidity was 100%, the grass was soaked and the kids had grass and dirt stuck like glue on them 2 seconds after leaving the car. I told Peggy, "hose your hair down with hairspray before you leave." I'm so glad Chris followed instructions. All his hair stayed perfectly in place! ;) And the girls' hair did too shockingly! I'd look like I stuck my finger in a light socket.

Conditions aren't always perfect when shooting, but when you have such GREAT people to work with it makes it all good. Chris was his usual self- cracking jokes and keeping everyone entertained. The twins wanted to wrestle in the drenched grass...Karis took Drew down!  It was a fun and delightful morning and just a little exhausting trying to get 3 kids under 3 to smile at the same time in the same location. I love this family as many of you do too and as always, Thank You for trusting me with your loved ones and your memories!

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