Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Keslee is ONE!

Oh goodness, my heart is breaking and so full of joy at the same time! I can't believe my baby boy is already a year old. We got to spend his birthday in Raleigh, NC with my Mom and then made a fun weekend trip up to Atlantic Beach. I found the adorable shorts and suspenders outfit for Kes at a kids boutique up there. Dresses are from Boden and Garnet Hill.  Kes was teething and grumpy and tired so I'm glad I got a few good ones in the country lane.  If you only knew the chaos that my family shoots turn into, you'd never apologize for your kids' behavior!  :)  Keslee was crying and then Kylan started crying because there were ants on the fence and I was yelling at them to quit crying because we had to get these shots before we left for the beach in 10 minutes.  Cayle was the only good one, posing like a pro, and she is normally the one rubbing her eyes complaining about the bright sun.  My Mom was patient and sweet to take the shot of me with Kes and the family shots at the beach.

The Illusion...

The Reality :)...

"Do you smell something?"

Eating goldfish to keep him happy (mini marshmallows are the best because they don't leave a mess but we had to work with what we had).

We did his cake bash on Uncle Lou and Aunt Lyn's dock off the inland waterway at Atlantic Beach.

Sweet Sisters!

I love their carefree spirits!

and Cayle's laughter.

I love how Steve's hand was just resting on top of Keslee's head.  This shot was an accident because I was just setting my lighting, but it's one of my favorites.

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