Saturday, May 4, 2013

Josh and Emily's Wedding !!!

I LOVED all the special touches that Emily and her mom created for this special day. The N at Hard Way Ranch was a beautiful venue for this festive occasion. The rustic atmosphere of the reception hall with wooden walls was softened by sparkling chandeliers and Emily's choice of beautiful wildflower-style bouquets. This was such a fun shoot for me because they are FAMILY. It was a big family reunion and was such a treat to get to see my Grandmother dancing with her great-granddaughter as well as so many other faces I don't get to see very often. In my family even the 8 year-olds can do a mean two-step as you can see. AND they had my dream truck there...a 50's model Chevy in Arctic Blue ! :)

My husband working overtime dancing with both of our girls.

My beautiful Mom dancing with Cayle.

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