Monday, August 27, 2012

Keslee's Newborns

Meet Mr. Keslee Cope Canon!! This is my precious son whom we have prayed for and waited for a long time. I've been overjoyed to get to cuddle and hold him in my arms and look into his beautiful face over the past 5 weeks. His two sisters smother him with love, hugs and kisses all the time. They adore him. I'm still trying to get my "life back in order" (haha-as if that's even possible) and get my head on straight. Although, I know life from now until he can tie his own shoes will be craziness and I'll enjoy every minute of it!! If it doesn't get written down on my list then it is quickly forgotten due to my lack of sleep and juggling act right now. Kylan started 1st grade this week and Cayle is started PreK. My day is filled with hours of feeding, schoolwork, feeding, cooking, cleaning, feeding, editing photos, and more feeding just to name a few. Today I started with 14 things on my "To-do" list and I still have 11 remaining at the end of the day. So goes the days of having a newborn.  But I wouldn't trade it for anything and his sweet grin when he looks at me makes it all worth it.

These are some of my favorites from the shots I've taken so far. I can't believe we are already into our second month! Before I know it, it will be Christmas and he'll be pulling ornaments off the tree. Fun times ahead!!!

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